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About Us

It Takes A Village!

Don't go it alone. We've designed the first health equity and belonging digital engagement and learning community. Meet other passionate advocates for health equity, diversity and inclusion. Learn about the latest trends and data through our blogs, podcasts, videos and online courses. Create peer learning groups and get answers to your most pressing questions from other experts in the field. Connect with other Chartis Just Health Collective villagers today to accelerate change in your community.

Why You Should Join Us

Meet professionals like you for support, encouragement and to learn from each other

Co-create the largest collection of stories, experiences and practical ideas for accelerating health equity and belonging

Navigate topics that don't have easy or obvious answers (i.e., the stuff you can't Google) 

Attend 'Pop Up' health equity accelerator events  

Access to expert training courses to beef up your skills and knowledge 

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining the CJHC Village, a digital engagement and networking community, a part of Chartis Just Health Collective. We're on a mission to guide organizations in the pursuit of a society in which all people have a fair and just opportunity to achieve optimal health.  You're helping us get one step closer by being a member of our network.

Accelerating health equity and belonging